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A Classical Approach to Homeschooling

Blended with Charlotte Mason

Veritas Classical Schools SC emphasizes student exposure to and comprehension of core knowledge in literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary, history, geography, and the fine arts. The Grammar School (K – 4th) curriculum incorporates methods developed by Charlotte Mason, including narration, memorization, picture study, and sketching. Weekly assignments will guide all student and parents in preparation for the next week’s class. Students will be taught by an experienced educator through a proven and comprehensive curriculum. Parents and students will be able to refer to the texts provided throughout the week to complete their assignments and move broader and deeper into the material presented in class. The academic program has been created to challenge students to think critically and grow in their knowledge of humanities through reading, writing, projects, the study of Latin root-words and the integration of biblical truth in all subjects.

Classical Education

Veritas Classical Schools utilize a time-proven method of instruction that is referred to as the classical model of education. This process is divided into the Trivium and the Quadrivium.

The Trivium serves as the foundation for all education -- providing students with the tools which enable them to think, to understand, and to grasp the relationships between the Creator and His creation, as well as between themselves and the subjects they will study.

The three aspects of the Trivium correspond with the three stages of a child's development, and they are referred to as GrammarDialectic, and Rhetoric.

The Quadrivium consists of the study of specific subjects. Since the Quadrivium is analogous to university training, Veritas Schools restrict their teaching to the Trivium.

The Trivium


The first stage:
Early elementary school years


The second stage:
Upper elementary / middle school years


The third stage:
High school years

"The object of education is to teach us to love what is beautiful."

Plato, The Republic

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